Take the Storm hacking to the next level! In this course you will learn how to deploy more elite skills, you will learn how to assess the Industrial Control System (ICS) ModBus protocol, and read and write to the registers and coils which can modify the behavior of the controller. You will learn how to integrate the Storm device with AI and perform image recognition. Additionally, you will learn techniques of intrusion analysis and malware forensics. Finally, you will learn how to use your Storm device as a cyber weapon with the concept of deception and much more.


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Practical Applications

Module 3: Storm Maintenance and Backup

Module 4: Introduction to Resource Center

Module 5: Hacking Concepts and Methodology

Module 6: Galeforce Expansion Overview

Module 7: Introduction to WiFi Hacking with the STORM

Module 8: Basic Malware Analysis

Module 9: Deception and Decoy

Module 10: Advanced Concepts

Module 11: The Storm Device as an Advanced Cyber Security Weapon

Appendix: Leveraging TOR using the Storm Lab

Appendix: HSTS Bypass using the Storm Device

Appendix: Using bettercap with the Storm

Appendix: Storm as a SIEM component (dshell)

Appendix: Hacking Android using the Storm

Hacking Android using the Storm


Workshop Includes:

  • iLabs, Online Labs – 6 Month Access
  • Certificate of Attendance (.pdf)


Who is it for?

IT Admins who are interested in cybersecurity, Ethical Hackers, Pen Testers



What is the Mobile Security Tool Kit?

EC-Council’s Mobile Security Toolkit (Better known as the STORM!) is a fully-loaded pen-test platform which comes equipped with STORM Linux (a Raspbian based, customized distro of Linux equipped with the industry’s most popular hacking tools) loaded onto a portable touchscreen device.

EC-Council rolled out the STORM as a mobile tool to enhance our certification course offerings by giving online asynchronous students a mobile training option. In this option, the video lectures are loaded directly onto the STORM.

STORM Mobile Security Toolkit: Ethical Hacking Intermediate Skills